Master Keto Cookie Recipes With These Simple Steps (19 Recipes Included)

Making keto cookie recipes can be easy fun and delicious! They are naturally low carb but you may wonder how much flavor they have? The majority are made with almond flour or coconut flour then sweetened with a keto friendly sweetener. Having options for no bake, baked and even some store bought choices when you’re not feeling it.

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies
Keto chocolate chip cookies

Cookies On The Keto Diet

Surprisingly, cookies on any diet can be addictive. It all comes down to flavor and eliminating that sugar craving you have. Late night when times are getting tough even an average tasting cookie will be delicious.

But, what about the flavor of these? When buying keto desserts I have found brands like HighKey to be a great option. Not only are they delicious but they are readily available in stores like Target and Whole Foods.

Homemade cookies are another beast. You get them warm and fresh out of the oven. For a chocolate cookie, you can load them with all the chocolate chips, add in nuts and adjust any cookie to your exact liking.

Can I buy them in the store?

Yes, there aren’t tons of options for really good tasting cookies in the store. I am just being honest with you. Yet, some companies have really done wonders with their cookies. HighKey as mentioned about and ChipMonk Baking are easily my favorite.

For crunchy cookie lovers, you will want HighKey snacks or Catilina Crunch. Those are easily the best two I have come across in my years of reviews. Fat snax is a good as well but they don’t pack the flavor the prior two do.

For soft baked cookie lovers, ChipMonk Baking is your go to source. Now, I will say I am not crazy over all their cookie flavors personally but I feel that’s a debatable topic. Quest protein cookies are a favorite amongst people. I don’t personally like them at all but due to the popularity I feel they should be an honorable mention.

Keto chocolate cookies on a baking sheet
Keto chocolate cookies

This is my specialty because I have been making keto cookie recipes for years now. I have turned all my favorite cookies into a low carb substitute, soft baked and crunchy versions. There are a few tips I need to give you before making them because they are much different than regular cookies.

Almond Flour vs Coconut Flour

Believe it or not they both have their place when making low carb cookies. I’ve found mixing the two flours produces the best result but there are recipes that you can separate them. If you can only use one though, I highly recommend almond flour for the ease of use and consistency it makes.

Almond Flour Keto Cookies

Almond flour cookies will come out crunchy every time. There’s no way around it. But, they bake better, go flat and take in the flavorings and extracts very well. Note, when I say crunchy I don’t want to mislead you. Crunchy on keto means a snap or crumble to the cookies. There isn’t a crisp texture like there is when gluten is present.

Coconut Flour Cookies

When you’re nut free this is a great option. But, coconut flour comes with some major difficulties in the cookie department. Although, they can still be tasty but the texture is the biggest turn off to people new to the keto diet. Coconut flour keto cookies will always come out soft. The flour is super absorbent and sometimes difficult to handle. Coconut flour has a stronger natural flavor that lingers more after baking unlike almond flour.

Soft Baked vs Crunchy

You may already know how I achieve the texture I want when making a cookie. Based off using those two flours you can achieve whichever texture you want with the right ratios of ingredients.

Soft Baked Keto Cookies

To achieve this texture mixing the two flours is your only option. Almond flour will bring the stability and coconut flour will bring the softness needed in the cookie. I’ve also used beef gelatin powder or konjac powder to help with the binding to give the cookies a soft, cake-like feel after baking.

Crunchy Keto Cookies

Crunchy cookies are not crisp as you know of. When I say crunchy with keto recipes I mean they have a natural snap and crumble when you bite or break them. Yet, there is a distinct difference between soft baked and these when eating them. Cooling is a big part in these. Fresh out of the oven they are soft and will fall apart if you touch them. Allow full cooling time and you can handle how you want and eat away.

Keto cream cheese cookies with powdered sweetener
Cream cheese keto cookies

How Do I Sweeten Keto Cookies

The sweetness is the key to it all. After all, we eat cookies because they are sweet. Keto sweeteners are great but there are things you should know. They are not all created equal. Some are not very healthy, other are far sweetener than sugar and quite a few can cause stomach issues.

Powdered, Liquid Or Granulated Sweetener

This aspect is important under the context of texture. Granulated sweeteners will give more of a bulk to the cookie dough. The granules are larger which will take longer to bake down causing a lift in the cookie powdered would not cause. I recommend granulated in all my cookie recipes with the exception of no bake cookies. Liquid sweeteners are great to add in for a boost in sweetness but never be the only sweetener used due to their aftertaste effects.


The new kid on the block allulose is popping up in so many brands nowadays. It’s tasteless which is a big deal because most sweeteners aren’t. You can find it mixed with another sweetener such as monk fruit, there’s a liquid form and you can find it in granulated and powdered form as well. Allulose comes from a molecule of sugar itself. There’s not effect on blood sugar but the issue is possible stomach irritation.

Monk Fruit

Monk fruit comes from exactly what it says, a fruit. Due to its sweetness being so much greater than sugar you can only find it in a concentrate or mixed with a granulated sweetener such as Lakanto. I use the liquid as a boost in my keto desserts when needed for an extra boost in sweetness when using things like chocolate or spices. Use in small amounts because it’s strong and it can produce an after flavor. Not a bad aftertaste but there is one there.


Stevia is the most popular and widely available of the sweeteners. I rarely use stevia because the aftertaste can be very strong. It works well in the liquid form in small amounts in baked goods. Now, that is when it’s paired with another sweetener. I have never been a fan of using it by itself. Yet, you can find stevia everywhere in a powdered, granulated and liquid form. The aftertaste when too much is used is very bitter. Companies do a good job with it because they always pair it, which is the secret!


Not a favorite of mine but I do use it. My love hate relationship with erythritol is due to its minty aftertaste. There is a small threshold before it peaks his head. Most people who are new to the keto diet notice it immediately. A response of the coolness or the mint-like aftertaste is what they notice. The more you eat it the less you tend to notice the flavor in small quantities. To add, it’s less sweet than sugar which is the downfall because you need more. Here is where your concentrates are your best friend. Erythritol is cheap and in most store bought desserts. In the home, mixing this with a little concentrated monk fruit or stevia will do the trick for sweetness. You can find this mixed in with as a binder with some powdered and granulated sweeteners.

Common Recipe Tips

  • Flatten your cookies before baking. Yes, the cookies will bake down depending on the recipe but they’ll need help. If you don’t flatten them sometimes they’ll be a little bubble in the middle where the cookie didn’t flatten all the way. This depends on the recipe and the ingredients.
  • Chill the cookie dough. Anytime you are using any flavorings or extracts you want to give the dough time to work the flavors through. I have fallen victim to rushing and wondering why my cookies tasted off. You’ll notice a bland taste but with a lurking flavor in them, it’s really weird. Give the cookie dough at least 30 minutes to rest after mixing for best results.
Keto Cheesecake In A Jar with cookie crumble layers
Cookie Cheesecake Jars

I believe the reason I feel in love with cookies wasn’t the classic chocolate chip. It was all about the seasonal recipes! The gingersnaps, pumpkin spice and a personal favorite the red velvet. Expect all the flavors with these seasonal cookies and none of the holiday guilt!

Topping my favorite desserts off with cookies such as cheesecake, ice cream or even with whipped cream is a late night dream of mine. Could you imagine being on keto and being able to indulge in such things is really a dream come true. A warning, these recipes are delicious but let’s not lose the end goal in mind. Whether it’s overall health or losing weight. You can still gain weight on the keto diet and too many alternatives can lead you down a dark path of snacking all the time.


Are Cookies OK On Keto

In the right amount yes they are. Typically, keto cookie recipes are only about 1-3 net carbs each when eating. But, I always want people to understand go lightly. They are addictive and low carb enough to eat cookies all day long. We started the keto diet in order to lose weight and become more healthy. Eating snacks all day isn’t the way to do that. Now a version called dirty keto allows you to do such thing but not something I’d suggest long term.

But, I will always say alternative desserts are a great way to transition. It helps you with those cravings because sweeteners are not as addictive as sugar. Yet, they shouldn’t be a crutch to hold on too. I believe in a snack here or there. We have sweet receptors on our tongue why not put them to good use. But let’s not overdo it.

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