HighKey Snacks Keto Mini Cookies Review (VIDEO)

I have been on the keto diet for years and I have yet to come across a store-bought keto cookie this delicious. HighKey snacks keto mini cookies have great ingredients and a perfect net carb count!

HighKey snacks keto mini cookies pouring out of the bag

Recently I visited Ketocon as my followers may know already. There were so many vendors but a few truly stood out.

HighKey snacks is a brand who’s product line extends to:

  • Keto mini cookies
  • Cheese crunch
  • Chocolate nut butter
  • Hot cereal
  • Sugar substitute blends

Having the pleasure to try everything with the exception of their hot cereal I am beyond impressed. This post is about the keto mini cookies but I must add an honorable mention to the chocolate nut butter.

This chocolate nut butter is by far the closest thing I have had to Nutella of late. Featuring simple ingredients such as macadamia nuts, hazelnuts and MCT oil it’s nothing short of perfection.

HighKey snacks keto mini cookies close up of chocolate chip and snickerdoodle flavors

Where to buy HighKey snacks keto mini cookies

HighKey snacks have their very own store online but can be purchased through Amazon as well. To add, HighKey snacks is the number one selling keto cookie on Amazon. That says something right?

Now, available at Target, Lowes Foods, Whole Foods and Cotsco. Note, most stores carry on the basic flavors (chocolate chip, chocolate brownie, snickerdoodle) but you can order them all online.

What are the nutrition facts and macros?

For an entire 2.25oz bag of chocolate chip keto cookies there are only 4g net carbs! Each serving is only 2g net carbs, but I go for the entire bag when eating them.

Ingredients listed:

  • Almond flour
  • Natural sweetener (erythritol, monk fruit and stevia)
  • Unsweetened chocolate chips
  • Coconut oil
  • Butter
  • Prebiotic Fiber
  • Dried eggs
  • Vanilla extract
  • Baking powder
  • Collagen
  • Xanthan and guar gums

Between the chocolate chips and snickerdoodle there is only a one ingredient difference. In the chocolate chips cookies there are chocolate chips of course. The snickerdoodle removes the chocolate chips and add in cinnamon.

What’s the best flavor?

In my personal opinion I love the snickerdoodle version. I had never imagined having another cinnamon keto cookie taste like what I remember when I would crave sweets. Chocolate chip is equally delicious I just believe it boils down to personal preference.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Their classic chocolate chip cookie is great for a staple. At the bare minimum you have to have great chocolate chip just like you have to have amazing fries in a fast food resturant.

2. Snickerdoodle

Although, this is highly debatable the snickerdoodle was the version I fell in love with. It packs a great cinnamon balanced flavor with sweetness that just works.

3. Double Chocolate Brownie

Originally, this flavor has been discontinued and brought back. They went under another name at once but either way you can’t deny the rich flavor of dutch processed cocoa. For reference, that is what they use in Oreo’s. So, there is no surprise in the comparisons when people say they taste like little Oreo cookies without the cream. Which is why in my chocolate dream cheesecake they were used.

4. Vanilla Shortbread/Vanilla Wafers

Yes, I doubled this one up but not because they taste the same. Of course, due to vanilla there are a slight similarity between the two but the vanilla cookie flavor in the wafers are more prominent to me. But, for those that love a classic shortbread the buttery flavor is stronger there. For a fan of vanilla cookie both or either will fit your needs.

HighKey snacks taste test at 22:35

YouTube video

What sweets can you eat on a keto diet?

In conclusion, these are the perfect keto sweet when it comes to keto cookies. I review and test these product for a living. I have reviewed Fatsnax, Nui, BisKeto and a few other brands.

Some are very good in their own right but I have never tasted anything like HighKey snacks keto mini cookies. The ingredients are fantastic and it fits your macros perfectly. For someone like myself who will eat the entire bag without thinking they have even been considerate of that.

I highly recommend this product for anyone who is new and suffering from cravings. Maybe even if you’ve been on the keto diet and while and just have a sweet toothCheck out here and save, my treat!

Recipes Using HighKey Snacks Cookies

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