Fat Snax Cookies Review

I have known about Fat Snax for a while now. Previously, the debate within myself was who had the better keto cookie?

Fat Snax vs Keto Cookie?

Keto Cookie went on to change their name to NUI cookie. But Fat Snax is still here and for good reason. I am far from a fan of keto cookies in general, but I like these and I tell you why!

fat snax cookies chocolate chip, peanut butter and lemon

Fat Snax Cookies

I first found out about Fat Snax through a Keto Delivered box I’d received. The video can be seen here but I want to talk about the cookies.

Typically when I see the ingredient list and I know the ingredients I will normally buy again. For a snack these cookies contain some very solid ingredients. Such as almond and coconut flour, stevia, xylitol, erythritol to name a few. Now not all those ingredients are in all the cookies, some are spread out.

Maybe the only undesirable ingredients for me is soy. Yet, I don’t mind a little here and there after all these are meant to be snacks. Not a center of your day to day diet.

In addition, something I thought was so neat was the CEO signed a thank you letter in my purchases. They still do the letter but it is printed now.I suppose business is so great he can’t sign all the orders but that was special to me and showed he cared.

Where To Buy

  • Company Website
  • Amazon
  • Whole Foods
  • Sprout’s

Cookie Flavors

fat snax box of cookies

Chocolate Chip

Of course they have to have a chocolate chip flavor. This is the bar set by all cookies. Something that is the same with all their cookies is they have a soft texture. They aren’t crunchy cookies at all.  You get the almond flour cookie taste but the coconut flour keeps that softness in there.

The chocolate chips are unsweetened for sure. I wouldn’t say as bitter as Lily’s but they aren’t sweet or Choczero style chocolate. The sweetness is subtle which is why I love this brand because you know it is a dessert without getting that cooling effect.

Peanut Butter Cookie

My personal favorite! Keeping the soft cookie texture as the others the peanut butter flavor you can smell from the package.

Some products you can’t really tell what it is but you can’t miss peanut butter. Yet, the flavor isn’t overwhelming at all. A nice hint of peanut butter with the sweetness underlying the flavor.

Lemon Cookie

Lemon is the new cookie flavor from Fat Snax. I found out about it through social media. Everyone was buzzing about Fat Snax having a new flavor. I didn’t know they had replaced the ginger turmeric might I add.

The lemon flavor isn’t my favorite. It is a cookie so of course I can eat it. The lemon flavor isn’t extremely strong but I almost sense a taste of a little too much lemon extract with this one. This may be due to me tasting food all day so I’d like to hear other people’s thoughts.

Double Chocolate

This flavor isn’t rich in flavor from a chocolate perception. But, you can tell it’s a step up from the regular chocolate chip which is nice. As a chocolate lover I prefer this one depending on the day. Not super sweet which the brand isn’t known for. So, for those starting keto may not find these sweet enough. For those of us that have been at it a while they will be perfect.


I love this brand!

Great ingredients is the first thing that won me over. Then the actual cookie. As a recipe creator now I am still a bit jealous. How do they do it?

There really isn’t a comparison between Fat Snax and NUI. NUI uses too much sweetener causing it to produce a overwhelming cooling sensation. Both brands have separate flavors and I have seen a bit of back and forth from people in the community.

Fat Snax seems to continue to push out easy to do practical flavors. I am all for that! Simply put you have to get the bases for your foundation together before you can really build.

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