About Me

My name is Darius, I run Sugarless Crystals which I started back in 2018. At the time of writing this I am 34 and I’ve done a low carb, keto diet for over 10 years. My journey started in the gym. Like most people I was very focused on what I looked like. I was an overweight kid and it meant the world to me to get in shape.
I lost my grandmother back in 2010 and watching her slowly suffer from cancer, heart problems and a host of other illness changed my focus from what I looked like to the nutrition I fed my body. At the time of writing this my mother was given less than a year to live due to breast cancer. Sickness seems to be all around me and unless I do something about it while I am young I’m setting myself up for failure.
Currently, I eat a mix of low carb, keto and carnivore diet. Along with having days that I relax and enjoy starchy things from time to time. It’s only natural Sugarless Crystals reflects this way of eating. Primarily, I personally stay away from refined sugar at all cost. Yet, I do indulge in honey and/or maple syrup from time to time. My outlook and knowledge on health continues to evolve with time. I am on a journey just like you to make the best possible choices for myself and to enjoy the food along the way!

The Journey

Originally, Sugarless Crystals was a YouTube channel. It still exist today but looks much different. When I started I noticed everything around dieting seemed so depressing, boring and just gave the terrible vibes of it’s the worst thing you could do. Yet, dieting turned my life around. So, there was no way that could be possible and I set out to change peoples mind around that idea.
I started reviewing products and recipes. At the time, there wasn’t much out there. Now, I have a hard time choosing between brands of what is the best to recommend. As far as recipes, tasting others I began to experiment with my own. Thanks to my mentor, she approached me and told me, take your passion for cooking and creating recipes to share with others through your own platform instead of YouTubes. This is the day Sugarless Crystals went from a channel to a website.
Years later here we are. I have hundreds of recipes along with my very own co-branded birthday cake product through ChipMonk Baking. I am very much at the beginning of my journey here and I am excited to have you guys along. I continue to study, take cooking classes and courses to provide you with the best life can offer in healthy cuisine. Thank you for taking your time reading and sharing an interest in my website.


If you have any questions for me, suggestions or you just want to say hello, drop me a line at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you! If it’s about a recipe on the site leave the question or comment on that recipe page please. I am welcome to your suggestions of edits or even if you notice errors. Thank you!
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