The Secret To Eating Pumpkin On Keto

Pumpkin is a squash, did you know it’s one of the lowest net carb squashes? But, what does that mean for someone on the keto diet? Let’s find out is pumpkin keto friendly!

You’re not alone with your love for pumpkin or anything pumpkin spiced, trust me. But, when holidays coming around how do you deal with the pumpkin pie, cheesecake and controlling yourself around anything else with pumpkin in it?

The truth is most of the dishes are full of sugar. On keto, you just can’t have them sadly. But, what you can have are keto versions and I’m here to tell you there’s not much of a difference in flavor in a bunch of the dishes.

What’s the story of pumpkin

Pumpkin is in the fruit family believe it or not. It’s a winter squash and yes, you have heard that some of those things are off limits on keto. There are only a few squashes that have low enough carbs where they can actually be eaten on keto. Pumpkin is one!

According to the USDA*, one cup of cubed raw pumpkin is only 7g net carbs per serving. In most pumpkin dishes you never eat that much but if you did you’d still be under the 20g net carbs keto allows.

Pumpkin and diabetics

Pumpkin has been shown to show positive results in controlling blood sugar and improving insulin sensitivity*. With the fiber in pumpkin along with its natural vitamins and minerals it’s easy to classify it as a great source of nutrition. Pumpkin has even been used in prevention of hyperlipidemia and hypoglycemia.

What about pumpkin seeds

The seeds are a great source of plant based magnesium. To add, they are full of antioxidants and a great source of zinc*. Even enjoying the seeds on keto can be better nutrition for you.

Is Pumpkin Keto

Although, pumpkin is lower in carbs you shouldn’t be using pumpkin in large amounts on keto. It’s a great option in small quantities but such as when we use them in keto desserts. There are better fruits with a nutritional profile such as avocados.

How much can I eat on keto

Very simple! Following the math and counting your net carbs a cup of pumpkin is only 7g net carbs. Now, unless you want to use all your carbs on pumpkin 1/2 cup a day will be just fine. Don’t forget you can snack on the pumpkin seeds as well for another great source of fats like omega-3’s.

Is pumpkin puree ok

Pumpkin puree or canned pumpkin is perfectly fine. Be sure to read your labels because there is a difference between canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie filling. They stick them both in the same place in the grocery store. Pumpkin pie filling is not keto and it’s full of sugar.

Pumpkin recipes on keto

Mentioned above, you can’t eat typical desserts during the holidays. But, there is a keto version for almost all of them. Trust me, you’ll be amazed at how delicious a keto no bake pumpkin cheesecake can be!

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