Ketogenic Food Guide: Is Cottage Cheese Keto?

cottage cheese in bowl ready to include in keto meal plan

Many people try keto diets because of their love of bacon and cheese. On this diet, you get to eat fattier cuts of meat with natural flavors, but a ketogenic lifestyle involves much more than that. One of the great debates in the ketogenic member group is about cottage cheese. So, is cottage cheese keto-approved? Our experts at Sugarless Crystals want to offer some information to aid you in your decision.

What Is Cottage Cheese, Little Miss Muffet?

Many people think that cottage cheese is just spoiled milk curdling with age. However, this is not exactly what happens. In fact, producers make cottage cheese by acidifying old milk. To sum up, this chemical process promotes converting lactose into lactic acid, which makes the curds separate from the whey. The curd is one large form which is then cut down into small, medium, or large sizes. The curd pieces are then cooked to release the water in the cubes. Lastly, chilling the cottage cheese completes the process. Additionally, some manufacturers add creams and flavors. 

What Do the Numbers on Cottage Cheese Mean?

There are different calorie and fat levels available in cottage cheese, just as there are diet and fat-free options for many other foods and drinks. By all means, the production of cottage cheese varies, which determines the different ratings. For example, some manufacturers frequently add cream to the basic curds to create a smooth texture in 4% cottage cheese. The following values are based on a ½ cup serving size:

Type of Cottage Cheese Calories Milk Fat Grams Fat Grams Saturated Fat Protein Carbohydrates
4% 110 4 5 4 14 3
2% 90 2 2.5 2 14 6
1% 90 1 1 1 15 6
Skim / Non Fat 80 .05 1 0.5 10 7

In addition to the nutritional differences noted above, you will see options for the curd size. The size you prefer may be based on how you plan to use it in your keto recipes. You will also see All Natural, Organic, and flavored. Also, we recommend avoiding the flavored options, as they may contain extra sweeteners and too many carbs in the cottage cheese.

Is Cottage Cheese Keto-Approved?

The jury is still out on cottage cheese’s full approval for ketogenic lifestyles. Cottage cheese on keto has been difficult to pass approval with the truest keto believers. This is because they are concerned about the carbs in cottage cheese. This concern is due to the high protein and low calories found in cottage cheese. Cottage cheese also has other health benefits which will help keto followers.

  • Aids in Weight Loss: Substituting low-calorie foods for high-calorie foods will always help you lose pounds. Cottage cheese also helps act as an appetite suppressant. Moreover, studies have shown that a diet containing cottage cheese combined with exercise helps prevent the accumulation of fat and accelerate fat loss.
  • Increases Brain Level Performance: Many of the vitamins and minerals found in cottage cheese have been proven in scientific research to aid Alzheimer’s sufferers.
  • Provides Nutritional Support: Dedicated keto followers have to be careful not to suffer from malnutrition. For example, eliminating all starchy fruits and vegetables can result in vitamin, nutrient, and mineral deficits. However, the proteins, fats, and carbs in cottage cheese help remedy this problem.

In small quantities, cottage cheese on a keto diet is acceptable. To sum up, always use 4% or full-fat plain or organic cottage cheese. Also, do not use more than ½ cup at a time. Likewise, if snacking, eat with an approved vegetable or nut butter. If using it in a recipe, consider the number of servings included in the recipe. Also, we recommend avoiding exceeding one cup per dish. 

There are many ways to include cottage cheese in your keto lifestyle. We recommend using the small curds in your recipes to guarantee the cottage cheese will melt down correctly. 

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