Review of Revol Snax Keto Coconut Bites

Revol Snax is a keto bites company that’s 100% plant based. They offer paleo friendly bites as well with all flavors being completely grain free!

revol snax keto bites flavors matcha and snickerdoodle

I came across Revol Snax while in Austin, TX at Ketocon. Full review of products on my YouTube channel but you can skip ahead and see their matcha flavor.

Currently, they have only 4 flavors. About a year ago from now they started a Kickstarter to fund the company. A couple by the names of David and Nadine.

Now they are selling online and in-store with the release of these flavors:

  • Snickerdoodle
  • Matcha Latte Bites
  • Dark Chocolate Almond Butter
  • Double Dark Chocolate

Where to buy Revol Snax?

As of late, the easiest way to purchase at their online store. But, if you are located in the Washington, DC area you have find them at a few specialty stores.

A few are:

  • Whole Foods
  • Compass Coffee
  • Union Kitchen Grocery

For new customers, they off a promo code of “WELCOME10” to receive 10% off your first order. Let’s get into the flavors and the nutrition facts.

revol snax flavors double dark chocolate and dark chocolate almond butter

What are the ingredients in Revol Snax?

Product lines such as Revol Snax generally have the same ingredients across all products. Giving us small variations from flavor to flavor. They are all coconut bites so rest assure you will get a few MCT’s here. I will list the ingredients found in them all here. But, under each flavor you will find their variations.

  • Organic coconut
  • Organic erythritol
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Chicory root fiber
  • Sea salt
  • Monk fruit extract

All keto coconut bites are only 1g net carb for any flavor!

The Flavors!

coconut bites flavor matcha latte


Matcha Latte Bites with Vanilla Cream Filling

Being my second flavor and me new to matcha this one had me excited. In the video, I didn’t get much of a flavor out of them. Initially, matcha didn’t hit me as strong as a flavor like cinnamon and chocolate do.

As I continued to eat them the subtle flavor of the matcha and the vanilla cream began to come through a bit more for me. I’d like to say the matcha and coconut were fighting for the lead here and neither won.

Finally, after downing the entire package I was able to get the flavors to really come through on my palate. But, at what cost? I clearly didn’t dislike this one but it’s not my favorite. If matcha is your thing I say go for it. 

Matcha latte features the addition of hazelnuts, ceremonial matcha powder and vanilla.

revol snax keto coconut bites flavor snickerdoodle

Snickerdoodle with nut butter filling

I don’t think you can go wrong with cinnamon and any dessert mix. Here is no different. These are rather good and for a snickerdoodle lover or cinnamon person these will hit the spot.

The snickerdoodle element is washed away a little but the coconut. But, it’s a coconut bite! I wasn’t expecting a cookie. In all honesty I didn’t know their was nut butter in there before reading the package. That surely gets washed away in flavor. This flavor won’t let you down for snickerdoodle fans, I promise. An added bonus this flavor is paleo friendly and keto.

Snickerdoodle flavor has the addition of hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, cinnamon and vanilla.

keto coconut bites flavor dark chocolate almond butter

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter

Pound fo pound this is the best keto bite to me. The others have their own preference from person to person. What this almond butter one brings is true complexity in a keto snack. Texture and levels of flavor.

There are almond bits throughout each bit providing a natural crunch. Coconut, cacao and almonds blend to perfection. Harmony is what is brought to this dish because every single flavor is used and tasted. That’s how you create a proper dessert!

Added ingredients include organic dark cacao, organic cocoa powder, organic coconut cream, organic coconut flour and stevia.

I’m not too sure what the filling is here because the chocolate simply molds together. But, after one bite I really don’t care.

Double Dark Chocolate with Ganache Filling

Previously, I mentioned pound for pound the almond butter was the best. Well, the double dark chocolate is my favorite. I’d easily buy them both but this will be my go to flavor.

Being the first flavor I tried maybe I’m bias. But, being on the Ketocon showroom I’d had it all at this point. Until the two owners gifted me with these. They were like nothing else at the show.

So, the coconut flavor still comes through slightly through the chocolate. This means they were careful enough to not have the chocolate overpower everything. With this flavor you actually can taste and feel the center when you bite into it. Not to mention, the little cacao nibs you crunch into throughout your chewing.

No, it isn’t a gushing chocolate center. What you get is a softer texture while biting and a sense of a deeper chocolate flavor on the inside. A chocolate lovers dream! This is also a paleo friendly flavor.

For those that don’t like dark chocolate don’t be afraid. That’s not the flavor you get here. The coconut calms and settles the strength of the chocolate nicely. Added ingredients are organic dark cacao, organic cocoa powder, organic cacao nibs and organic coconut cream.

Final thoughts on Revol Snax 

I love companies like this! David and Nadine stand by their product and believe it in. From what I have seen you don’t come across that nowadays with keto becoming commercial. Not to mention it’s not a cheese crisps. Between their 4 flavors there is something for everyone. Make sure to use the promo code above to test them out! We need to keep companies like these at the top.

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