Is Yeast Keto Friendly

Is yeast keto friendly?

Well? What is yeast to begin with?

When I started my low carb/keto journey I was very well unaware how important yeast and gluten were to the doughs that I ate. That would include snack cakes, cakes, doughnuts, and most other sugary bread items that could be thought of.

I couldn’t get a grasp of why almond and coconut flour performed the way they did. Yes, one is more absorbent, but it went deeper than that. Coconut flour is so easy to taste dry. Whereas almond flour just has a texture I suppose. What both of them lack is the softness. The airy texture of risen dough and the pull of gluten. This is why yeast coming in to play can truly change keto baking.

Ok! So, how do I use yeast in keto baking? The yeast has to have a substance to feed off of which is where the sugar comes into play. Adding sugar seems counterproductive to keto correct? Yes, that would be right in a normal case.

See here the yeast will feed off the sugar leaving none. It has been proven on several studies along with one I did myself below.

YouTube video

I tested the theory of the yeast feeding on the sugar. Typically this experiment is done with a balloon in order to show the carbon dioxide. Visually I witnessed the bubbling of the yeast right before my eyes. After the video was done the yeast continued to rise. Reaching a maximum point at about a hour and a half or so.


Is yeast keto friendly? Yes it is! But, also remember that yeast in smaller doses is better. Don’t overdue it. Also if you have anything that yeast irritates such as candida or yeast infection, stay away. Yeast will simply make these issues worse. Yeast can transform your keto baking but remember the main reason we are here. It’s to fix our overall health not just lose weight.

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