Healthy Gamer Girl Podcast

Healthy Gamer Girl podcast is ran by my buddy Liz. She was runs Meat Free Keto. I came across Liz by researching people who did keto back when I first blossomed to do YouTube. As luck would have it, we clicked, and it was all history…


Before I get ahead of myself here is the podcast

So, without getting to sentimental Liz was the first to work with me. When I first started, I was strictly YouTube. Without having much direction in mind I didn’t create recipes as I do now. Hence, “We don’t make the recipes, we just eat the food!” Well, we make recipes now find them here.

healthy gamer girl podcast with Sugarless Crystals


So we have a little history of watching each other grow. I was so excited when she asked me to be on the Healthy Gamer Girl podcast I knew I couldn’t turn it down by any means. Not only just to be on a podcast but to finally chat it up with a friend. In conclusion, I can’t wait until the next time just to talk, just to hang, pretty much catch up with a friend. No spoilers here you have to take listen to find out!


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