5 Keto Snacks You’ll Want to Try This Summer

Summer is a tough time to stay on a diet for many people. Hanging out with friends, drinking, snacking, participating in cookouts, and enjoying fun desserts makes it difficult, but not impossible to stay on your keto diet. Here are five fun recipes for snacks on keto that you can fix this summer to allow you to enjoy get-togethers and still follow your diet.

keto strawberry lemonade

1. Strawberry Lemonade

We start our list with a delicious strawberry lemonade that you can make and share with your friends. It’s a very simple recipe and almost no trouble to make. If you want to squeeze the lemons fresh, feel free to do so, but you can also use bottled lemon juice. It is best to use fresh strawberries so they do not contain any sweeteners or preservatives. You can decide if you want this to be just juice or if you want it to include some pulp. There is also a plain lemonade recipe available if you don’t want the strawberries included. If you want to include alcohol, that information is on the recipe card as well.

2. Air Fryer Zucchini Fries

You can lower your total carbs significantly by using zucchini instead of potatoes to make fries. Air frying is also healthier than grease frying. You can bake these keto snacks in the oven if you don’t have an air fryer. Be sure to read the entire recipe card to get the tips for success. If you cook at too low of a temperature or do not spray with oil before frying, your fries will be soggy instead of crisp and crunchy. There are also numerous dip recipes available, so check them all to see which one sounds best to you. These are great to take to parties with a couple of dips.

keto white chocolate berry blondies

3. Chewy White Chocolate Blondie Berry Cheesecake

A fresh berry chewy blondie with a cheesecake flavor? This recipe has it all. Chewy white blondie texture, mild cheesecake flavor, and the fresh fruits of spring and summer make for a delicious combination. It has quite a few ingredients, but for the bakers among us, it is an exciting challenge. The end product is delicious and beautiful. Cheesecake is one of the most popular keto desserts and best keto snacks.

4. Key Lime Keto No-Bake Cheesecake

Nothing says summer dessert better than key lime cheesecake. They make me think of the Florida Keys, and that is as summer as one can get. Serving these in individual 4-ounce glasses, cups, or bowls makes them perfect for an afternoon snack or picnic. The title says no-bake, but you do bake the crust, just not the actual cheesecake filling. To get the look demonstrated, save a little crust to sprinkle on the top and add a lime slice.

keto brownies

5. Keto Brownies

Brownies are a favorite of many — including those doing the Keto diet. Fortunately, if you are on the keto diet, our low-carb brownie recipe will satisfy your most intense chocolate cravings. The secret of our low-carb brownie recipe relies on using a mix of almond and coconut flour. Even better, in the recipe, we give more tips for you to get brownies with a rich texture and intense chocolate flavor.

If you want to have brownies as a summer-friendly dessert, you can serve them with a scope of low-carb and sugar-free ice cream

Do you want to find more tasty keto snacks to enjoy this summer and all year long? At Sugarless Crystals, we can help! Keep browsing our blog or YouTube channel to find a wide variety of keto recipes today.

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