Enlightened Ice Cream Reviews & Top Flavors

A complete ranking of Enlightened ice cream reviews! What is the best of the best of the Enlightened ice cream flavors?

Enlightened ice cream is a low calorie ice cream. Low fat ice creams have been very popular lately with the explosion of Enlightened ice creams competitor Halo Top. Enlightened ice cream is very creamy in my mind and has unique tasty flavors that work well.

After going from grocery store to grocery store, I felt an adventure on hand. Why not rank all of the Enlightened ice cream flavors?

One of my favorite bloggers Junkbanter already does Halo Top. So why can’t I take over Enlightened ice cream reviews? Now Enlightened is new to my area so this blog post will be an adventure. Continuously updated in my travels and you are here for the ride!

This will include Enlightened new flavors as well as their classics. Let’s dive into this!

1. S’mores

Enlightened ice cream s'mores

Toasted marshmallow ice cream with graham crackers and chocolate swirls. 

S’mores Enlightened is something special. Even from the regular high sugar, high fat brands, this one is a winner. Surely the favorite of enlightened ice cream reviews!

Made with a marshmallow base, with graham cracker pieces, and a wonderful fudge swirl. Notably, the graham cracker wasn’t very present to me. I visually saw them swimming throughout the ice cream but taste…nah! The fudge swirl along with the marshmallow base were the stars. Enlightened didn’t skip on the fudge swirl and it was extra rich. In all, this one so far isn’t only a new flavor but my favorite as well. Far better than Halo Top’s version.

2. Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Bun (Dairy-free)

pint of Enlightened ice cream flavor ooey gooey cinnamon bun

Cinnamon bun ice cream with a cinnamon sugar glaze

Buttery cinnamon roll feel. As the ice cream melts in my mouth I get the essence of the cinnamon roll swirls as if I ate the inside of a cinnamon roll. Most perfect replica of a cinnamon roll I have ever experienced!

3. Sea Salt Caramel

enlightened sea salt caramel

Silky ribbons of caramel swirled through smooth sea salt caramel ice cream.

Sea salt caramel by Enlightened ice cream deserves to be in the top 5. As soon as you pop the lid you get a overwhelming aroma of the caramel ice cream. Huge swirls of actual caramel swimming through the ice cream as well. Taste wise, the ice cream doesn’t lack in caramel. The salted caramel comes through in the swirl. There is a distinctive taste between the ice cream and the swirl giving you the perfect balance between the two.

4. Black Cherry Chocolate Chip

pint of enlightened ice cream flavor black cherry chocolate chip

Black cherry ice cream swirled with rich chocolate chips and sweet cherries. 

First, I am not a cherry fan. Second, I’m not a huge black cherry fan. I won’t say I dislike black cherry but it doesn’t tickle my fancy. Yet, I love this ice cream!

I don’t know what it is about it. The smooth black cherry flavored ice cream just blends well with the chocolate bits and chunks of cherry. I believe I only had about 3 cherries in mine. I am low carb I didn’t need the extra sugar so there’s a pass. This was a very difficult flavor to come across. But, if you spot it, you better grab you a pint. Better yet, grab two!

Of all the Enlightened ice cream reviews I slept on this one the most!

5. Pumpkin Spice Latte (Barista Collection)

pint of Enlightened ice cream flavor pumpkin spice latte from the barista collection

Pumpkin spice ice cream with ribbons of espresso. 

This pumpkin flavored ice cream is delightful. Spiced perfectly with the right amount of sweet to spice ratio. The ribbons of espresso are thick and full but lack the described flavor. If I didn’t read espresso my taste buds would tell me a dark caramel flavor. So the expresso version isn’t what it says yet still an amazing ice cream.

These Enlightened ice cream reviews have made me turn on my favorite Halo Top flavor!

6. Chocolate Peanut Butter

Pint of enlightened ice cream flavor chocolate peanut butter

Creamy peanut butter swirled through rich chocolate ice cream.

Did I enjoy this one, or what?

It is known the peanut butter Halo Top is my favorite. Yet, Enlightened tosses a spin here. Instead of a peanut butter flavored ice cream they hit you with a chocolate ice cream. Whoo! Amazing I must say. The classic combo of chocolate and peanut butter shines here. That peanut butter swirl is sweet, chewy, and adds to the richness of the chocolate ice cream. I loved this flavor!

7. Chocolate Peanut Butter (Dairy-free)

pint of Enlightened ice cream flavor chocolate peanut butter

Chocolate with swirls of peanut butter

Just as good as the original version just dairy free. I have no reason to rank it below or above the original.

8. Candy Bar (Dairy-free)

pint of Enlightened ice cream flavor candy bar
Caramel with swirls of chocolate and roasted peanuts.

Not sure what the ice cream flavor in itself is because not one thing stands out over the other except the peanuts. With that said the blended flavor is amazing. Doesn’t taste dairy-free at all! Completely different experience than with Halo Top, much better of a blend.

9. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

pint of enlightened ice cream flavor chocolate chip cookie dough

Chunks of soft chocolate chip cookie dough and rich chocolate chips blended with sweet cream ice cream. 

Can I tell you it is all in the sweet cream ice cream? So, the balance of the cookie dough chunks to ice cream is fine. Moderate which is to be expected for it to stay low calorie. But! When the sweet cream ice cream mixes with the cookie dough chunks you can easily separate the flavors. They never clash! It is pure harmony in this flavor. For a cookie dough fan this is pure nirvana.

10. Brownies and Cookie Dough

enlightened brownies and cookie dough

Chunks of soft chocolate chip cookie dough, chewy fudge brownie, and chocolate chips with milk chocolate ice cream.

A brownie flavored ice cream with brownie bits and cookie dough pieces. What takes away from this particular ice cream is the lack of cookie dough pieces I received. When I did get a bite of cookie dough this ice cream was amazing. But, that’s when I did actually get to one. Overall, this is one of my favorites the ice cream is chocolate but gives you that fudge flavor you are looking for.

11. Monkey Business (Dairy-free)

pint of Enlightened ice cream flavor monkey business

Banana with swirls of peanut butter and chocolate chips

Nice blend of peanut butter swirl and banana ice cream. Can easily distinguish between the flavors of each. Chocolate chips are great for texture but the flavor can’t stand out over peanut butter and banana.

12. Movie Night

enlightened ice cream movie night

Popcorn ice cream with chocolate bits and a caramel swirl.

Movie night is a popcorn flavored ice cream with butter notes, chocolate and caramel swirls. Maybe, I just live in a small area. But movie nights never were like this where I’m from. You definitely get the butter feel from the ice cream, but popcorn, no. That is ok, the swirl comes through fine but doesn’t shine as well as it does in other flavors. I can see this flavor losing its ranking at number 2 really fast. Overall, it is a very good ice cream I had a hard time putting down.

13. Butter Pecan

pint of enlightened ice cream flavor butter pecan

Creamy butter pecan ice cream with roasted pecan bits!

Butter pecan flavored ice cream with roasted pecan bits. First of all, there’s nothing bitty about the pecan sizes. They’re actually chunks of pecans in here. You get pecans with every bite. Not to mention the buttery flavor coming from the ice cream itself. This flavor doesn’t have the glitz and glamor their other flavors have, yet it was executed so well. Must try this one!

14. Marshmallow Peanut Butter

pint of enlightened ice cream flavor marshmallow peanut butter

Marshmallow ice cream with swirls of creamy peanut butter.

Personally, I thought this would take my number one off its pedestal. Even though I was disappointed I can’t deny the fact that this is a solid flavor. Marshmallow flavored ice cream with a thick peanut butter swirl. Surprisingly only 3g net carbs! The thing was to me it seemed to be missing something that would have taken it over the top. They are the only marshmallow ice cream I have ever had but it is nothing short of amazing.

15. Strawberry Cheesecake

enlightened ice cream strawberry cheesecake

Sweet ribbons of strawberry swirled through creamy cheesecake ice cream.

So I love cheesecake! Not afraid to admit it! I was excited to try this one most next to movie night honestly. I wasn’t let down by any means the ice cream is great. Yet, I don’t get much cheesecake if any due to the strawberry swirl. It is so potent throughout the entire ice cream. This isn’t a bad thing, you get your swirls worth for your money. Sadly, it outweighs the ice cream flavor. If there is any cheesecake here it is diminished. If you love strawberry though hold onto your seats because this will probably be one of the best you’ve ever had.

16. Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Crunch

enlightened caramel oatmeal cookie crunch

Oatmeal cookie clusters and ribbons of silky caramel blended with rich caramel ice cream.

The caramel steals the show! Hands down! The ice cream is caramel flavored with caramel swirls. Little bits of oatmeal swim throughout giving you a little texture in the equation. The overall spoonful can vary but always gives you something to look forward to.

Since doing these Enlightened ice cream reviews, this and black cherry shocked me!

17. Cookies and Mint (Dairy-free)

pint of Enlightened ice cream flavor cookies and mint

Mint with pieces of chocolate sandwich cookie

Out of all the dairy-free flavors this one blew me away! I am not a fan of mint, but the mint flavor with cookies and cream is amazing. The cookies and mint hit your taste buds first. Then the cream and mint begin to battle it out in your mouth and I am glad to let them fight. Not to mention the texture is mind blowing, overall a amazing ice cream.

18. Toasted Almond

pint of enlightened ice cream flavor toasted almond

Creamy almond ice cream!

This one shocked me! After the snickerdoodle fell flat, any flavor without a swirl I became suspicious of. This one has changed my mind. Fresh toasted almonds come to mind as soon as you pop the top. The ice cream in itself is simply a almond ice cream and that’s it. Yet, to see it there are brown specks going through the ice cream. Toasted almonds perhaps? But, they forgot to list it. So simple yet so effective. I suspect this one in the earlier end of the product line. Either way excellent job.

19. Glazed Donut

pint of enlightened ice cream flavor glazed donut

Glazed donut ice cream with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles.

This is a excellent birthday cake with a chocolate swirl. I mean blows the regular birthday cake out of the water. This is glazed donut you say? Oh! I couldn’t tell!

There wasn’t a hint of donut in this. Yet, still almost made the top 10 of top Enlightened ice cream reviews! Says quite a bit about how they swing and miss.

20. Frozen Hot Cocoa

enlightened frozen hot cocoa

Fluffy swirls of marshmallow and rich chocolate chips blended with chocolate ice cream.

The funny thing about frozen hot cocoa is it took the longest to thaw I’ve seen. It’s a cocoa flavored ice cream with a huge marshmallow swirl going through it. The marshmallow is not overly sweet but, let’s itself be known. You can’t confuse the flavor with a regular chocolate. The cocoa is very apparent, especially after having the brownies and cookie dough right beside it. If hot chocolate is your thing this flavor will not disappoint.

21. Triple Shot Expresso (Dairy-free)

pint of Enlightened ice cream flavor triple shot expresso

Bold coffee, espresso chips, and ribbons of espresso

Coffee brew 5.0! Enlightened ice cream pulled this flavor off as well without any added sugar. I still get a small caramel taste from the expresso swirl. Yet, the coffee flavor is so strong it is a bit faint.  The chocolate chips are able to really shine in the texture and flavor combined with the coffee flavored ice cream. By far better than the original.

22. Triple Chocolate

pint of enlightened ice cream flavor triple chocolate

A trio of rich chocolate chips, chocolate fudge, and creamy chocolate ice cream.

In all the Enlightened ice cream reviews this is a chocolate monster!

Chocolate ice cream, chocolate chip fudge, with chocolate chips, send me to heaven. If you’re craving a chocolate sweet tooth look no further. I am a chocolate fan so to some this may be overboard. But to me, it’s what the doctor ordered. Pure decadent chocolate flavor. You get the elements of milk and dark chocolate combined. Some bites a little bitter from the fudge, others extra sweet from the ice cream itself. If you find you are just ok with chocolate rather than love it, I wouldn’t recommend this one.

23. Chocolate Almond Macaron (Dairy-free)

pint of Enlightened ice cream flavor chocolate almond macaron

Almond macaron batter with a chocolate ganache swirl.

Their great almond ice cream with a ganache swirl. The chocolate is thick but the almond flavoring overpowers it. Which is shocking for chocolate. You do get it on the finish but throughout the experience you get classic almond. An aroma of the almond lingers after every bite which is nice.

24. Red Velvet

enlightened red velvet

Cream cheese frosting swirled through red velvet ice cream.

When I came up with the idea for Enlightened ice cream reviews this was the first I tried!

The thing here with red velvet is it brings in the cream cheese aspect. That’s what makes the difference between this and Halo Top the competitor. The balance of chocolate in red velvet is super important. Too much, and you cross the line of milk chocolate. Too little, and it’s pretty much what is this? They may have crossed the line on the side of a bit too much yet, it still works. The swirl Enlightened ice cream uses, amazing as always.

25.  White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha

pint of Enlightened ice cream flavor white chocolate peppermint mocha from the barista collection

Coffee ice cream with a chocolate mint swirl and white chocolate chips.

Very deep chocolate swirls throughout the ice cream. The ice cream has the same coffee flavor as their cold brew flavor. I am convinced its the same ice cream which is fine because it’s delicious. You won’t get the taste of mint nor the chocolate flavor in the swirl in the presence of the ice cream. Yet, let it melt away and the mint comes first followed by the chocolate finish.

What white chocolate chips? They have no flavor in context of the ice cream but provide a good change in texture.


26. Cold Brew Coffee

pint of enlightened ice cream flavor cold brew coffee

Smooth cold brew coffee blended with rich and creamy ice cream!

I hate to be bias in these Enlightened ice cream reviews but in this situation more was better than less.

Although a simple version they pulled it off with flying colors. It’s coffee blended into their ice cream. Nothing more nothing less. A fun fact! If you have had Halo Top’s cappuccino, in a blind taste test I couldn’t tell a difference. Something about the taste of coffee in ice cream with the cream flavor and sweetness just does it for me.

27. French Toast

enlightened ice cream french toast

French toast ice cream with swirls of maple syrup.

Firstly, I was disappointed. Halo Top’s waffles and syrup can kinda go hand and hand with this one. They both have a artificial taste to them. This version is far creamier but I don’t get french toast. I get ice cream and maple. Not a bad thing by any means. Just a little mislead by the name. If any of you enjoy ice cream and maple this one will knock your socks off! A maple swirl through the ice cream you can’t miss it, and are sure to taste it. Maybe I should move this one up some!

These Enlightened ice cream reviews just broke my heart. I knew french toast would be a top Enlightened flavor.


28. Bananas Foster

enlightened ice cream bananas foster

Silky ribbons of caramel swirled through banana ice cream!

This was the first flavor of Enlightened ice cream reviews I’d heard of via Instagram to try. So, my eyes lit up when I finally found it at Sprout’s. I couldn’t help but compare it to Halo Top’s chocolate banana since I’d had it first. Complete blow out! This surpasses Halo Top simply for the base alone. Truly, banana flavor comes through without being chemically or artificial. The caramel swirl is great, something I see they do very well. Which gives that perfect balance of caramel to banana. Great job here!

29. Cookie and Cream

enlightened ice cream cookies and cream

Vanilla ice cream loaded with chunks of chocolate sandwich cookie.

I’m almost certain they thought they had already produced this flavor. Coming so late in the product line someone realized they’d forgotten one. There isn’t much to be said here we all know cookies and cream ice cream. Very creamy as normally expected from Enlightened, and cookies saturated throughout.

30. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

enlightened peanut butter chocolate chip

Rich chocolate chips blended with creamy peanut butter ice cream.

Don’t think because this is towards the bottom of the list it isn’t good. My second favorite Halo Top flavor is their peanut butter. So, due to that this version had its hands cut out for it. Peanut butter chocolate chip does a very good job for what it is. The ice cream is a smooth peanut butter flavor with chocolate chips throughout. You can even smell the peanut butter, really great job!

31. Fudge Brownie

pint of enlightened ice cream flavor fudge brownie

Milk chocolate ice cream with chunks of chewy fudge brownie & chocolate chips.

Simply put this was chocolate ice cream. With the lack of complexity the triple chocolate delivered. I could never sense the brownies in the ice cream. Now they were there! I just couldn’t taste them. This Enlightened ice cream featured tiny bits of chocolate as well. The bits did wonders for texture but not too much for overall taste. I think labeled a chocolate this would be everything you’d expect.

32. Birthday Cake

enlightened birthday cake

Rainbow sprinkles mixed into creamy cake batter ice cream.

In a time for celebration Enlightened ice cream reviews features a birthday cake flavor. This seems to be a ongoing trend. I’m fine with it! I don’t shy from frosting or sprinkles. Even though coming close to last birthday cake is pretty good. Maybe I have had so many different versions the novelty of the flavor has worn off. It doesn’t do much for me anymore. The sprinkles are delightful and you get a hint of buttercream flavoring. Not frosting, just a flavoring throughout the vanilla ice cream.

33. Mint Chocolate Chip

pint of enlightened ice cream flavor mint chocolate chip

Rich chocolate chips perfectly paired with refreshing mint ice cream.

A mint ice cream with bits of chocolate chips. They really are bits unlike the butter pecan. Yet, Enlightened supplies you with plenty. So much so, enough for each bite. This one is rather low, but take it with a grain of salt due to me not being a mint fan.

Doing Enlightened ice cream reviews I had to rank it right? I don’t dislike mint just not a fan of it. Somehow it still taste better than the snickerdoodle.  The mint flavor isn’t watered down in anyway which is a plus to me. For people who love mint I see them loving this flavor easily. The chocolate bits add to a nice texture adding a bit of bitterness below the cooling mint flavor. I did like this one, just not as much as others due to personal preference.

34. Snickerdoodle

enlightened snickerdoodle

Sugar cookie ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon spice!

Coming in last, Enlightened flavor snickerdoodle lacks something. I think the execution was great. Of all the flavors I had the easiest time not eating this one. Sugar cookie ice cream seemed to lack flavor and sweetness. The sprinkle of cinnamon in the ice cream gave you the sense of snickerdoodle. I was so excited because snickerdoodle is a favorite of mine. This one fell flat for me. I think if the ice cream were redone snickerdoodle could climb the rankings.

Enlightened ice cream reviews conclusion

That is it for now. More to come, more flavors to test. Stay tuned for the top Enlightened ice cream reviews!

As Enlightened new flavors come out as I find them I will continue to update. Stay tuned!

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  1. I like how you defined white chocolate mocha as having the same coffee flavor as cold brew ice cream, with swirls of really dark chocolate. I will definitely tell my aunt to look for this flavor. She’s been trying to find a reliable ice cream retail supplier for her food truck business so hopefully, she finds one soon enough.

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