3 Must Try Keto Peanut Butter Cookies (Sugar Free, Low Carb, Grain Free)

Keto peanut butter cookies are rather popular in the low carb diet world. Typically we see 3 ingredient and no bake peanut butter cookies.

On the other hand I am a believer, simple isn’t always better. To save time I can agree with that. But, when I truly want something mind blowing and tasty I want a bang for my buck.

I went through Pinterest to find 3 keto peanut butter recipes just for you. I went through them personally and tested them myself over on YouTube.

I’ve taken the best from these peanut butter keto cookies and made my own! Try my version here!


Basic ingredients needed:

Almond Flour

Coconut flour

Granulated sweetener: Eryithtol, monk fruit, or stevia


Peanut Butter


The basics are rather simple right? Yes, and used correctly a definite fix for your sugar cravings are around the corner.


1.  Savory Tooth

six keto peanut butter cookies spread across marble slate


Expect an extra crunchy cookie with this one due to the almond flour. Naturally they won’t spread in the oven. So, when you place them down and print them with your fork that is where they will stay.


Peanut Butter
Granulated erythitol
Almond flour


2. Baking outside the box

a stack of keto peanut butter cookies with the top cookie having a bite taken out

These cookies by Julia were some of my favorite. Having a crunchy outside and soft inside were perfect. See the wonderful thing about coconut flour is it doesn’t make crunchy cookies as almond flour does. That is if you like you cookies on the softer side.


Coconut flour
Sucralose ( I subbed for monk fruit and erythitol)
Peanut butter
Vanilla extract


3. Fat for weight loss

keto peanut butter cookies on a plate with towel behind

These keto peanut butter cookies came out the darkest of them all. Yet, due to the addition of butter they had the best flavor. They leaned on the crunchy side with a little chew to them. Packed full of flavor these are highly recommended.


Peanut Butter
Powdered erythitol
Vanilla extract
Unsalted butter


YouTube video

Keto Peanut Butter Cookies Conclusion

Of all 3 I tried and tested here I think everyone can find one for themselves. Just tasting them there were some tricks I would have made personally. That’s the beauty of these things being able to use an idea of someone else and make it great for you. What a time to be alive!

My Recipe

After testing and testing I have come up with my very own version of the keto peanut butter cookie. It’s highly reviewed and takes the best aspects out of all of these! Try them here.

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