22 Instant Pot And Dutch Oven Recipes: Delicious From A To Z

Instant pot and dutch oven recipes for all occasions. The Instant Pot is new tech while the dutch oven has timeless options and you’ll find them here.

Instant pot dutch oven recipes

Are you ready to take your cooking skills to the next level? Look no further than the Instant Pot and dutch oven – your secret weapons for creating delicious and convenient meals in no time. In this ultimate guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about mastering these kitchen wonders, from their unique features to must-try recipes.

Both the Instant Pot and Dutch oven offer versatile cooking methods that allow you to whip up a variety of dishes effortlessly. Whether you prefer the convenience of the Instant Pot’s pressure-cooking function or the slow, even heat of a Dutch oven, we’ve got you covered. With these kitchen essentials, you’ll be able to create soups, stews, roasts, and even desserts with ease.

We will explore must-try recipes that showcase the incredible potential of the Instant Pot and Dutch oven. Let’s get started.

Most popular Instant Pot recipes

instant pot beef roast 101
Instant Pot Roast
Photo credit: Creme De La Crumb
  1. Instant Pot rice– Fragrant and fluffy white rice ready in just 15 minutes. Set it and forget it, no need to tend the pot. No more uncooked, burnt, or mushy rice!
  2. Instant Pot mashed potatoes– Instant Pot mashed potatoes are rich and creamy and so easy to make!  Making mashed potatoes has never been quicker or tasted better than these Instant Pot mashed potatoes ready in 20 minutes!
  3. Instant Pot beef stew– This Instant Pot Beef Stew is loaded with tender chunks of beef, carrots and potatoes in a rich and savory broth. 
  4. Instant Pot roast– Juicy and tender instant pot pot roast and potatoes with gravy makes the perfect family-friendly dinner. This easy one pot dinner recipe will please even the picky eaters! 
  5. Instant Pot mac and cheese– made with 5 real food ingredients. This is SO MUCH BETTER than any mac and cheese I’ve ever had!
  6. Instant Pot ribs– These Instant Pot ribs are so tender, flavorful, and delicious, it’s really hard to believe they cook in just about 30 minutes! Another great, easy recipe made with your pressure cooker.

Most popular Dutch oven recipes

  1. Dutch oven bread– This Dutch Oven No Knead Bread is the perfect way to make a delicious, crusty artisan loaf in the comfort of your own home! Best of all? It takes only FIVE MINUTES of prep, and you don’t have to ever touch the sticky dough with your hands! With a short, two-hour total rise time, you can make this for dinner tonight.
  2. Dutch oven pot roast– This Dutch Oven Pot Roast is everything you need to keep you warm and cozy this winter! It’s so tender it falls apart beautifully, and it’s packed with lots of rich flavors.
  3. Dutch oven beef stew– This classic French beef stew is the ultimate cold weather comfort food. After a few hours in the oven, the meat becomes meltingly tender and enveloped in a rich wine sauce.

Recipes to use the dutch oven for:

Sausage Potato Soup

Sausage potato soup in a creamy, cheesy broth with chunks of juicy sausage, sweet corn and a touch of herbs.

Hobo Stew

Hobo stew also known as mulligan stew is a delicious stew with a somewhat sad past. But, I'll show you the way to make it amazing!

Vegetable Stew

Vegetable stew is hearty, delicious and perfect for the vegetarian diet. You will get nothing but full flavor but without the meat in this recipe.

Garlic Braised Short Ribs With Red Wine Recipe
If you weren’t already sure about how easy and delicious braised short ribs can be, consider this classic and straightforward recipe an excellent gateway The ultimate hands-off, do-ahead dinner, these are done on the stovetop in a large Dutch oven but can easily be adapted to a slow cooker if that’s…
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16COOKING BRAISED SHORTRIBS videoSixteenByNineJumbo1600
Braised Chicken with Potatoes and Chive Butter… | The Modern Proper
This absolutely delicious braised chicken thigh recipe will win you over. It’s full of fresh flavors like garlic, shallots, and lemon that will add zest to your weeknight routine.
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Braised Chicken with Potatoes and Chive Butter… | The Modern Proper

Healthy Instant Pot, Dutch oven recipes

255 image asset
Instant Pot Peanut Banana Oatmeal
Photo credit: Rainbow Plantlife
  1. Instant Pot Peanut Banana Oatmeal– This Instant Pot Peanut Butter Oatmeal is not only healthy, vegan, and gluten-free, but also budget-friendly. A simple dump-and-go Instant Pot recipe that’ll make morning breakfast a lot easier. Great for meal prep too!
  2. Instant Pot Wild Rice Soup– Instant Pot Wild Rice Soup with mushrooms and spinach- a healthy vegetarian soup recipe that is easy, fast, and vegan adaptable!
  3. Gluten Free Dutch Oven Bread– If you’re new to baking bread in your Dutch oven, this recipe makes a great starting point. It’s gluten-free, making it perfect for anyone with a gluten allergy or sensitivity to enjoy!
  4. Instant Pot Weight Watchers Chili– This healthy three bean and ground lean meat Weight Watchers chili recipe is ZERO points on the Freestyle and My WW Blue program! It’s filling and delicious. Make in the pressure cooker, Instant Pot, or crockpot!
  5. Turkey Noodle Soup– Turkey noodle soup is a great way to use that leftover turkey is a flavor soup with egg noodles that you can whip together in 30 minutes.

Meal prep ideas using the Instant Pot & dutch oven

Instant Pot Honey Garlic Chicken Meal Prep Bowls
Instant Pot Honey Garlic Chicken Meal Prep Bowls are incredibly tasty and made utilizing the “pot-in-pot” cooking method!
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instant pot honey garlic chicken meal prep 4 top view sq

Sausage Tortellini Soup In 30 Minutes

Sausage tortellini soup is a delicious creamy soup with tortellini pasta, Italian sausage in a tomato broth that only takes 30 minutes to make.

Summer Meal Prep With Instant Pot
Meal Prep with instant pot pressure cooker to create an endless supply of light, fresh, healthy meals throughout the summer. For the recipe you’ll need to scroll down the page. There are many options for meal prep ideas as well.
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Summer Meal Prep With Instant Pot

All about the Instant Pot

What does the Instant Pot do?

This is more than just a pressure cooker; it’s an innovative device that encapsulates the functionality 6 up to 10 kitchen appliances! Its capabilities range from slow cooking, sautéing, and steaming to yogurt making, rice cooking, food warming, and pressure cooking.

The Instant Pot’s distinct ability to speedily prepare meals while maintaining the nutritional value is what has elevated its reputation. No need to stress over scheduling – the Instant Pot comes equipped with a delay start function!*

What are the advantages of using an Instant Pot?

Firstly, it’s a one-stop shop for many cooking needs:

  • sauté
  • steam
  • slow-cook
  • And more, some have 10 functions

It’s a game-changer in saving countertop space. Secondly, its speed! It cooks meals up to 70% faster, leaving more time for you to enjoy your culinary creations.

Lastly, it retains more vitamins and minerals in your food, ensuring every meal is packed with nutrition.

What are the disadvantages?

Ever feel your meals are missing a punch when cooked in an Instant Pot? This may be the result of pressure cooking, which can often subdue the vibrant flavors of your cherished herbs and spices. This process can render your dishes somewhat bland and monotonous, especially if you’re a food lover who craves a meal brimming with taste.

Additionally, mastering the cooking process can be somewhat challenging. It is all too simple to overcook, resulting in limp vegetables and dry meats.

But there is no need for despair! By introducing extra seasonings and fine-tuning your cooking times, you can rectify these issues. With a few adjustments, you can ensure your meals taste just as they should while retaining the convenience of rapid cooking. So don’t abandon your Instant Pot just yet, there’s plenty more taste and convenience still to be found.

Which Instant Pot is best?

There are several places to get the best of list and see real people like yourself using the Instant Pot. Here are two great options:

Frequently asked questions about the dutch oven

What is a dutch oven used for?

This multi-functional culinary tool can become your best ally in whipping up delicious home-cooked meals. Renowned for its heat retention, a Dutch oven is ideal for braising, stewing, and even baking bread. Be it in your home kitchen or a campsite, this potent pot proves indispensable. From slow-cooking a succulent Sunday roast to conjuring a quick soup on a weeknight, there’s no time it doesn’t excel.*

How to clean a dutch oven?

With the aid of common household essentials – water, baking soda, and a plastic scrubber – a shiny, almost brand new Dutch oven is within your grasp.

Remember, a cleaner Dutch oven equates to more flavorful meals. Here is a video with step by step instructions.

Top brands for dutch oven

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