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Air Fryer Lamb Chops

Air Fryer Lamb Chops

These air fryer lamb chops are juicy with a delicious marinade then to tossed into an air fryer and cooked to a perfection! Eating lamb is something I recently started to really enjoy. I didn’t care for it too much due to the game flavor but not all lamb taste like that. I’ve learned imported …

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Keto Chicken Tenders

Keto Chicken Tenders (Air Fryer, Oven Baked, Pan Fried)

Keto chicken tenders are a great low carb, crispy chicken recipe that can be pan fried, baked or hot out the air fryer at only 2g net carbs per serving. You will be amazed at what pork rinds or almond flour can do for keto chicken tenders. When pan fried with pork rinds the breading …

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air fryer chicken wings with dry rub seasoning

Air Fryer Chicken Wings Dry Rub

Air fryer chicken wings in a delicious dry rub giving you full flavor with crispy chicken. Spices and herbs this dry rub seasoning will make your chicken wings taste like never before and without any guilt at all! A fellow Buffalo Wild Wings fan originally until I started making my own wings at home. A plus they started …

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