Sugar-free Ketchup Guide to Keto

Sugar-free ketchup is one of those funny topic you can’t be too sure how to tackle. On one hand it’s completely fine yet context matters. In this post I will help you fully understand what to look for in sugar-free ketchup. Taste, ingredients and quality all matter in your healthy condiments.

Can you have sugar free ketchup on keto?

Yes, only when the ingredients line up. I have seen some such as Heinz sugar free ketchup that isn’t the worst, but it’s sweetened with sucralose. Sucralose isn’t as bad as maltitol but depending on the person it may not be ideal.

Here are a list of ingredients that you may find in sugar free ketchup. You may want to avoid these.

Sugar free ketchup sweeteners to avoid:

  • Sugar

  • High fructose corn syrup

  • Maltitol

  • Splenda

  • Maltodextrin

Surprisingly, your healthy condiments will be considered healthy on the label and still include these ingredients. Aspartame is a ingredients I didn’t list due to so many different studies, It’s very hard to tell how well it impacts us because things vary from person to person.

The above lists are just a few of your no-go’s you want to avoid.

Which ketchup taste the best?

YouTube video

From my experience I have had many. In the above video here I only tested five. Some things to note when it comes to sweeteners and ketchup. If the sweetener leaves any aftertaste the flavor is more noticeable in a thin product.

Such as a baked good that uses stevia or erythritol the thickness helps absorb the aftertaste. But in thin consistencies such as soda and healthy condiments they show off their butts. So to a newbie the flavors can be a little off-putting at first. But just give it a little time my friends.

My favorite ketchup:

Out of the four of these two contain sucralose. I am a firm believer in things to get you over the hurdle of cutting sugar out of your diet. I dedicated a video to this specifically because when you start you will cheat. There will be extreme cravings and something will have to be done about it.

YouTube video

What is a healthy substitute for ketchup?

Tomato sauce or tomato paste. You even have the option to sweeten it yourself. Maybe even toss in some spices to add even more flavor.

What can I use if I don’t have sugar-free ketchup?

From a healthy condiment view there’s honestly not a bunch of options. What you will run into are particular brands that cater to us. One of the largest are Primal Kitchen and I have noticed Alterna Sweets extending their line.

As time goes on things will continue to pick up so I wouldn’t worry there. But above you can see Primal Kitchen has some great options for things to dip or use in recipes.

There are a few brands worth mentioning but be mindful of their products because everything they make isn’t keto friendly.

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