Keto Diet: 3 Tips on How to Include Dessert Without Cheating


keto dessert example is a keto coffee cake with drizzled icing

Check out this keto coffee cake recipe here!

Going on a Keto diet offers many health benefits and making the transition is usually easier than people think. The biggest struggle people often have is not being able to eat most of their favorite desserts. Sticking with any diet is difficult if you don’t allow yourself a cheat day or two occasionally. Dieting is a long process that takes dedication and commitment, but even the most mentally strong person can have a hard time completely eliminating their favorite foods.

The Keto diet is unique because if you don’t “cheat” the right way, you could undo a lot of the progress you’ve made. The dessert table is usually what gets people into trouble, but we’ve got some tips on how to include Keto desserts into your diet without having to cheat.

Opt For Tasty Sugar-Free Desserts

Just because you can’t eat sugar on a Keto diet doesn’t mean you can’t have anything sweet. Some tasty sugar-free Keto dessert options can include sugar-free jello, brownie cheesecake bars, peanut butter mousse, and many more. The secret to many of these Keto desserts is using sweeteners like Swerve, Stevia, monk fruit, and others. The desserts might have a different flavor than traditional sugar desserts, but they will still be tasty. After eating Keto desserts a few times, you’ll likely adjust to the taste and not miss sugary desserts as much.

Make Your Favorite Dessert Keto-Friendly

When some people decide to start a Keto diet, they can name the desserts they will miss the most. The good news is that a lot of your favorite desserts can be altered to become a great Keto dessert. We’ve already talked about the sugar substitutes you can use, but you can also substitute other common ingredients. You should focus on making low-carb desserts, which could mean using almond flour or coconut flour instead of white flour in your recipes. It is surprising how many common dessert favorites can be transformed into Keto-friendly options. Some of those include lemon bars, cheesecake bites, oatmeal cookies, and many other favorites.

Keto Bombs Are Popular Keto Desserts

Whether you’re currently on a Keto diet or are considering starting, you might have heard of something called “Keto bombs.” This is a popular Keto dessert that includes healthy fats like avocado and coconut oil, cream cheese, peanut butter, berries, and more. People have made different varieties of Keto bombs over the years, so be as creative as you want when making them. The healthy fats in Keto bombs are good for you, but they should not be eaten as a meal replacement solution for an extended amount of time. They are best eaten as snacks to help you curb your desire for a sweet treat. Get creative with the ingredients you use in Keto bombs and you’ll have a go-to snack option that won’t make you feel guilty about cheating on your Keto diet.

Sugarless Crystals can help you be as creative as you want with your Keto diet. A low-carb dessert doesn’t mean it has to be bland and tasteless. There are plenty of tasty dessert recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth without loading them down with unhealthy sugars. Simple ingredient substitutions can put a new twist on your favorite desserts. You won’t even miss your regular desserts after a while. If you’re looking for ways to replace your favorite desserts with options to help you stay on track with your Keto diet and aren’t sure how to do it, check out Sugarless Crystals blog for delicious recipes 

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