Best Flavored Keto Coffee Creamer for Bulletproof Coffee | Store-bought vs. Homemade

Keto coffee creamer has been a life saver. Most creamers have sugar in them so I turned to making homemade creamers instead. Now, we have choices of coffee creamers in the store that are sugar-free and keto friendly as well. For my bulletproof coffee I now make my own or I can buy one!

bulletproof coffee with homemade and store bought keto coffee creamer

So what is keto coffee creamer

In a nutshell, it’s coffee creamer that keto friendly. Making it right for the keto diet involve a few factors. It more than just no sugar but that’s important.

What makes a coffee creamer keto:

  • High fat
  • MCT oil
  • No sugar
  • Dairy or non-dairy options

And a creamer can have all those qualities or just one or two. For the best flavored you’d definitely want a high fat for the creaminess it brings.

To get something that the body can really utilize you may want a creamer with MCT oil in it.

What are the best flavors

Creamer flavors can have a wide range from the classic vanilla to seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice and peppermint. 

Currently, for the wide range of flavors you will have to make at home. There are a few companies trying to bring more seasonal and exotic types but they are a bit difficult to find. An almond milk brand is one that comes to mind. But, some of their flavors have added sugar.

Flavors you will come across:

  1. Vanilla
  2. Hazelnut
  3. Coffee
  4. Plain

Why is MCT oil in coffee

MCT oil is short for medium-chain triglycerides and in short they can give you a boost of energy. They are so popular because they can assist in getting you into ketosis. The body doesn’t break down this fat chain, it shoots straight to your brain and used for energy.

There is a downfall to too much so beware. Symptoms such as stomach cramping and diarrhea. The idea is adding it into the coffee for a extra energy boost along with optimizing ketone production.

Do you need coffee creamer in coffee?

No, drink it black! I have drank black coffee for years. I simply add cream for flavor. Black coffee is ideal for intermittent fasting since it keeps the calories minimum. 

Although, when it comes to bulletproof coffee the creamer helps in adding in the fats and flavors.

How do you make bulletproof coffee

I actually have my own method to how I make my own and I will share my homemade recipe here. I recently just started adding dashes if cinnamon into my coffee as well. That really changes the profile. I like my coffee nutty so if you aren’t a fan of nutty tasting coffee you won’t like this.

  1. Start with a basic nut coffee such as Starbucks toffee nut, graham flavor or a hazelnut. Hazelnut is my go to with toffee being a close second.
  2. Add in 1 tablespoon of salted butter. The salt adds to the overall flavor.
    one tablespoon of butter
  3. One tablespoon of ghee. A great brand will be from pasture grass-fed cows. All ghee isn’t created equal. The best in my opinion is 4th of hearts.
    one tablespoon of ghee
  4. Add in one teaspoon of cacao/cocoa powder.
    cacao powder
  5. A creamer or milk of choice. Typically I will do heavy cream or recently I have added a keto creamer by the name of Super Creamer from Harris Teeter.
    tablespoon of heavy cream
  6. Last step is adding in your coffee and blending it all together. You will get a foamy, silky, butter bulletproof coffee you’ll love.

Where to buy keto coffee creamer brands

Keto has grown enough where there are brands in the store as well. But, if you happen to fall short in finding some heavy cream is always a sugar free solution with high fat!

  • Perfect Keto (Save 15% now!)*

  • Califia Farms Creamer (almond milk creamer and coconut milk)

  • Kitu Super Creamer

  • Heavy cream

  • Coconut Milk

  • Unsweetened almond milk

Most major grocery stores will carry these brands such as GNC, Walmart, Target, Sprout’s, Whole Foods, etc. Where as Perfect Keto, some Califia Farms, and Kitu can be purchased online which is awesome!

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*I use Perfect Keto collagen, exogenous ketones or MCT oil powder as a addition to my coffee. They don’t carry a official creamer.

1 thought on “Best Flavored Keto Coffee Creamer for Bulletproof Coffee | Store-bought vs. Homemade”

  1. Hey Darius! Thanks for this detailed breakdown on keto coffee creamers. I couldn’t agree more about the struggle to find sugar-free options at the store, which is why I’ve been leaning towards making my own as well.

    Your breakdown of what makes a coffee creamer keto-friendly is spot on, especially emphasizing high fat and MCT oil. I appreciate the reminder about the potential downsides of too much MCT oil – balance is key!

    Your homemade bulletproof coffee recipe looks fantastic. I’ve been experimenting with different flavors, and adding a dash of cinnamon sounds intriguing. Nutty coffee is definitely my preference too, so I’ll be giving your recipe a try.

    I’ve tried a few of the brands you mentioned, and Califia Farms Creamer has been a game-changer for me. The almond milk and coconut milk options are versatile, and the fact that they’re available in most major grocery stores is a huge plus.

    Thanks again for sharing your insights and recipe. Looking forward to exploring more keto coffee adventures! ☕️✨

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