Is cheese bad for you?

Is cheese bad for you? Really! Of all things!

At first glance, it looks like someone’s clearly lost their minds! I mean, really, this is one of those “You’re about to get these hands” moments.

Cheese is part of America. I almost break out into song, belting The Star-Spangled Banner every time I see that melty visual perfection of a top notch cheese pull. Don’t think for a second it’s easy to pull off, fam; there has to be the perfect temperature the right cheese to speed ratio, the wisdom of experienced cheese hands…Uh I digress.

While yet, is cheese bad for you? Challenge accepted; time to dig into this thing.

cheese on knife

Spoiler alert: Cheese is a dairy product (I know, I know… You’re already learning so much). And in dairy, the protein casein is very much alive and well swimming throughout the substance. And as I mentioned in my previous video casein causes all sorts of problems.

Briefly, lactase is what we produce in order to break down lactose. As infants ladies and gents! After a point in childhood you can kiss this bye, bye! So what then happens you end up with roughly 75% of the population whom can’t digest dairy.

Still is it bad for you? Seems like we should dig further!

Casein is a protein right? Therefore casein is built with amino acids correct? Cool! As a result, these amigos break down and send signals to our brain to release dopamine. Why you ask? I’m glad you did

As infants we could care less of a hoot about what we are eating. At that stage in our lives our most primal instinct is feed me I’m hungry. What our mothers milk proteins and also the cow’s milk does is reach out dopamine receptors and give them a little tickle each time we feed. So when it’s feeding time we associate our mother’s breast with something pleasurable. I don’t think us men ever grow out of that though?

Back to casein and these cows of moo mesa. Only a few will get that. What’s the correlation here? All other dairy products have casein right? So what’s special about cheese?

Cheese out of all dairy is casein in its highest concentrated form! WHOA! Let’s take that in. Almost a whopping 6-8 times the amount of casein from a single cup of milk is in the same serving of cheese.

YouTube video

Is cheese bad for you? I’m a little worried they may be on to something here…

Adding up everything I’ve written cheese is so addictive it’s sinful. There’s a reason you ate that whole block of cheese last night. Or on your car ride home you ate all the baby bells from the kiddos. Yeah I know it was you! And the worst part it felt good while you were doing it.

So cheese has these extremely addictive properties similar to sex…well it’s not that good. My point is it’s hard to give up or put down.

Let’s look at cheese for what it is really quick…

All cheese should be white so if their is color there’s dye in it. It’s pumped full of sodium which is addictive in itself. There are high amounts of casein in it making it addictive. Oh yea the mold too…

boy eating cheese

You didn’t know? My word…

Cheese has mold in it. Actually quite a few cheeses contain mold. Especially brie in itself is sprayed down with mold to give it that white rim around it. And I just finished that brie off the other day too. I would have still ate it brie isn’t cheap. We don’t waste money here.

So my thoughts are this….

Consequently, they put up a strong argument in itself with the dairy alone. Will I continue to eat it? Yes in moderation I mean I’m already addicted, didn’t you read? But I have an allergic reaction to most cheeses so it’s not hard to stay away. I say see how it makes you feel! If it doesn’t bother you and you don’t have any symptoms eat away! I’ll be in the back jealous by the way.

boy eating cheese


Eat cheese, don’t eat it but remember you have this knowledge. You possess this power now and from now on you know a few facts. A great man once told my friend Peter that with great power comes great responsibility. I agree

We will talk again soon

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