Can Rebel Creamery Be The Best Reviewed Keto Ice Cream

Is Rebel Creamery the best store bought keto ice cream? I review all the flavors from best to worst, where to find them and how many net carbs for a entire pint!

stack of three rebel creamery flavors

Searching for Rebel Creamery ice cream was not a easy task at all. To my surprise they are sold in a few stores such as these here. Yet, via Instagram it was undeniable most if not all Publix carries the keto ice cream.

I first heard about the brand from Ketocon. Which I will be attending this year. They were the first sugar free ice cream made specifically for the keto diet I’d heard of. Now there are a few other brands of course.

Rebel Creamery were noticed due to the fact that net carb count for the entire pint was posted boldly on the front. This is huge because most of us eat the entire pint. And as much as I love Halo Top and Enlightened only a serving is keto friendly. The entire pint of those two brands will easily topple your carb count for the day.

Something to keep in mind. Rebel Creamery isn’t a low fat ice cream. It’s made for keto so the ice cream is full bodied with plenty of fat. Which makes it very calorie dense for someone attempting to lose weight. So even though the net carbs are low, calories are high if you down the entire pint.

Below I will rank the flavors from best to least. I’d hate to use the word worst because simply none were bad, they all had a nice creamy flavor that was easy to enjoy.

*Note some photos and flavors have to be updated or added with time

1. Chocolate-Best

pint of rebel creamery flavor chocolate

Only 6g net carbs per pint! Who knew such a basic flavor would really stand out. With the addition of the full fat within the chocolate flavor this works beautifully. May I say you get a true Wendy’s frosty vibe. Think chocolate milkshake! Wonderful flavor I can’t deny it and easily my favorite so far. If you love chocolate don’t even look another flavors way!

2. Cookies And Cream

pint of rebel creamery cookies and cream

3. Cookie Dough

Only 7g net carbs per pint! I was shocked at this flavor. With such a low carb count I thought there was no way there were many cookie dough pieces throughout the ice cream. Yet, there were some in each spoonful. They weren’t overly sweet or give off any bitter or cooling effect from the sweetener that I noticed. The ice cream itself was their full bodied vanilla flavor which I will mention later. Overall number one and two could take the first spot which leads me into the second.

4. Cherry Chip

pint of rebel creamery cherry chip

5. Butter Pecan

Only 6g net carbs per pint! This was the first flavor I tasted. I must say it was quite a shock coming from Halo Top, Enlightened and So Delicious. The amount of fat in the ice cream was really noticeable. I will say it was very rich and creamy if that make more sense. Pecans were scattered throughout which wasn’t bad. But, I will say I’d like more butter flavor. I didn’t get much of that. I feel more butter would have easily pushed this to number one.

6. Salted Caramel

pint of rebel creamery salted caramel

7. Mint Chip

pint of rebel creamery mint chip

Only 6g net carbs per pint! Previously I was never a fan of mint ice cream. But, with my taste changing over time I’m really starting to like it. Rebel Creamery flavor mint chip had bits of chocolate with a minty touch to their vanilla ice cream. That flavor of mint was a very nice touch to their classic vanilla. I see myself buying this flavor before buying others. If you’re a mint lover there’s something about it.

8. Vanilla

pint of rebel creamery vanilla

Only 5g net carbs per pint making vanilla the lowest carb count! Anyone who really eats ice cream knows all vanilla is not equal. How well the vanilla is made will predict the majority of the flavor in the line. Due to most companies simply adding in mix ins for cost efficiency. As mentioned this is a rich and creamy ice cream due to the fat content being high. This does wonders for the vanilla. It brings a essence of what you know ice cream as. Because you better believe Ben and Jerry’s could care less about calories. This is a classic case of simple being done very well.

9. Peanut Butter Fudge

Only 8g net carbs per pint making this the highest carb count! Due to the peanut butter the carb count being higher I look past. What can you do right? Well, I ate it!

Rebel Creamery missed the mark a little with this one. Maybe it was due to keeping the carb count low. You really only get a hint of peanut butter. It’s not strong at all and with them using heavy cream the richness in the base slightly overpowers the peanut butter. The fudge aspect are really chocolate bits like in the mint chip above. Although great for texture, just not much for overall flavor. Now, you do taste them because they are dark chocolate flavored. This flavor was cool but I will only buy it to get a photo. Far better flavors than this one. And I do enjoy peanut butter ice cream.

10. Coffee Chip-Worst

pint of rebel creamery coffee chip

Only 7g net carbs per pint! So, they definitely didn’t skip on the coffee flavor. Unless you are a coffee lover I warn you know. There was a overwhelming flavor of coffee beans in each spoonful. The strong bitterness of coffee you can’t miss. Dark chocolate chips with an already bitter ice cream wasn’t the best pair. The chips are simply added texture and calories. As a coffee lover I didn’t hate this flavor, I just didn’t love it. Don’t expect the same level of sweetness in this one as others. Truly a pint on it’s own. Not bad as a coffee lover just a bit overpowering on the coffee beans.

Rebel Creamery review conclusion

As mentioned above I will add more flavors as I find them. To add take photos as well. I expect to see Rebel ice cream at Ketocon so any flavor I haven’t tried I will have down there. Maybe they will give me some empty pints to bring home for pictures!

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