3 Reasons Why Coconut Milk is a Favorite for Those on the Keto Diet

coconut milk

If you are considering or following a keto diet, you need to eliminate cow’s milk. This is a tough change for some people but fortunately, there are several types of keto milk. Coconut milk is a great substitute for dairy products. You may find that you want to stay with coconut milk even when you are no longer being so strict with your diet. There are 3 major benefits of coconut milk that the experts at Sugarless Crystals want to share with you.

Weight loss

If weight loss is the primary reason you have adopted a keto lifestyle, coconut milk is the best substitute for you as a keto milk. This is because coconut milk is calorie-dense and high in fat. Also, it is the lowest-carb milk. Coconut milk has a moderate amount of protein. Also, coconut milk has a type of fats that has shown to help with achieving a state of ketosis quickly. Last but not least, coconut milk is satisfying and delicious. It is thick, creamy, and adds a hint of coconut flavor in recipes that call for dairy products.

  • These stats are for one cup of coconut milk:
  • 552 calories
  • 57 grams fat
  • 5 grams protein
  • 13 grams carbs
  • 5 grams dietary fiber
  • 8 grams sugar
  • 0 mg cholesterol
  • 36 mg sodium
  • 631.2 mg potassium

Heart Health

The medical community has long held the belief that saturated fats cause heart disease. Studies are now showing that is not true. There is new evidence to indicate that the opposite is true. One study has shown that the saturated fats in coconut milk can lower the levels of LDL (a.k.a. bad cholesterol). They also show an increase in HDL (a.k.a. good cholesterol). The participants were able to raise the good cholesterol levels by as much as 18%. Keeping your cholesterol at healthy levels is instrumental in having a healthy heart.

A study by the National Institute of Medicine compared how the body uses butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. It indicated that the body absorbed coconut oil differently than butter or other high saturated fats. High saturated fat consumption usually results in higher blood concentrations of LDL. LDL is an established risk factor for coronary heart disease. The study was for four weeks consumption of 50 g daily in healthy men and women in the general population.

The study found that extra virgin coconut oil, a saturated fat, affected the blood lipids comparably to extra virgin olive oil, a monounsaturated fat. These findings do not alter current dietary recommendations but highlight the need for further studies.

Boosts Immune System

At this point, only animal studies have been done regarding the effects of coconut milk on the immune system, but the results are encouraging. The benefits of coconut milk have been to reduce inflammation, decrease the size of stomach ulcers, and help ward off viruses and bacteria. The lauric acid in coconut milk has proven to reduce the bacteria in your body, especially your mouth.

Coconut milk can be a great low-carb milk for you to substitute for your animal milk. You might also want to try coconut oil and coconut cream. Be sure you understand the differences between the 3 products. When you are shopping for your coconut milk, follow these 3 rules:

  1. Always use the full-fat version. You don’t want to use the “lite” version.
  2. Purchase milk in cartons. Canned milk usually contains creams.
  3. Read the label. Try to select a product that only contains coconut and water.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate coconut milk into your keto diet. We offer this delicious recipe for Coconut Milk Pancakes. We hope you enjoy it and please visit us for more recipes. In there you’ll find more information about keto milk and the keto lifestyle.

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