5 Reasons Why an Air Fryer is Ideal for Those in a Keto Diet

keto chicken cooked on air fryer

Air fryers are the latest trend in healthy and convenient cooking and for good reason. Air fryers are an appliance that guarantees the crispy, golden brown deliciousness that typical oil fryers create, without the health risks (heart disease, diabetes, cancer) associated with consuming the oil used in all our favorite fried foods. 

Luckily for those on a Keto diet, having an air fryer in your kitchen is a foolproof way to cook up some tasty recipes with the same consistency, texture, and color as the oil fryer that came before it. 

Here are five reasons why an air fryer is ideal for those who participate in the Keto diet, and some of our tried and true air fryer recipes, too. 

1. Air Fryers Can Cook an Entire Meal

Vegetables, fish, and chicken are just a few of the Keto-friendly food items you can place in your air fryer. 

Yes, you read that right! The main dish and its sides can easily be popped into the air fryer and cooked to the crispy, chewy perfection you’re looking for. For example, our delicious Air Fryer Chicken Wings cook in the air fryer in around 20 minutes, with minimal prep and effort. Not bad for a delicious and healthy dish!

2. Air Fryers Are Major Time Savers

Because the air fryer fan works by pushing heated air all around the food, most items cook in less than 30 minutes. This is an extremely convenient cook time for those with busy schedules, kids, or family members who require other meal options. You can easily make or prepare a meal in the morning before leaving the house, or throw all the ingredients together when you get home for the evening and pop it in the fryer. It’s not complicated or overly time-consuming, and you’re still getting a high-quality meal that meets your Keto goals.

3. There are Tons of Keto Recipes Available

Because both Keto and air fryers are gaining popularity around the nation, the demand for recipes means you’ll never run out of meal ideas that you can prepare. We have an entire section on our website dedicated to Keto air fryer recipes, so be sure to check those out if you ever need inspiration, or want to try something new.

4. Air Fryers Offer a Healthy Alternative

Keto is all about finding alternatives to the foods that we’re used to eating, and the air fryer is no different. It’s simply a healthier option than frying foods in oil. 

It’s fair to assume you are health conscious if you’re on the Keto diet. You want to be aware of what you’re putting in your body and how it’s affecting your energy, stamina, mood, and overall health. The good news is air frying is much healthier than frying in oil. It cuts calories by 70% to 80% and has significantly less fat.

5. You Can Still Eat Many of Your Favorite Foods

While the Keto diet does limit some of your more indulgent (read: high fat and high carb) meals and treats, the air fryer offers a way to create a spin on the original that you love. For example, are you having time giving up potato chips? No problem. Try some seasoned Keto cheese chips instead.

Maybe you’re craving French fries, but the fats and oils aren’t conducive to your Keto diet. We have a great Zucchini Fries option that is crispy and delicious to snack on. 

Cooking and preparing food when adjusting to the Keto diet can be a challenge, but having an air fryer can smoothly ease you into the lifestyle changes. Any diet or eating plan has its challenges, but the air fryer will make those few and far between. If you’re ever in a pinch and need some recipe inspiration, check out the air fryer recipes on our website. Also, for more keto recipes, please visit our YouTube channel.

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