Is Sour Cream Keto? What Are Some Fun Keto Sour Cream Recipes?

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As many keto dieters know, the formula for a successful diet is a mix of high fat intake with a low carbohydrate count. To reach the state of ketosis, your body needs to burn fat instead of carbs, and this is achieved by cutting out carbs from your diet. So finding foods that are both high in fat and low in carbs is the key to keto. This is why the keto diet promotes the consumption of poultry dishes and meat.  

But going keto doesn’t just mean eating meat for every meal. There are plenty of other delicious options available on the keto diet. Certains fruits and vegetables, nuts, and some dairy products make the keto diet both delicious and nutritious.

When dealing with dairy, specifically on the keto diet, things can get tricky. Milk itself is high in carbs, so it is best to avoid it. But many cheeses, plain greek yogurt, and cottage cheese are keto-friendly options. Sour cream, like cheese, is a popular option for dishes to add an extra flavor sensation. However, also like cheese, the question of whether or not you can enjoy sour cream on keto is a tricky one.

Is Sour Cream Keto?

Sour cream is, in fact, keto-friendly—as long as you stick to regular, full-fat sour cream. Low-fat, on the other hand, is often manufactured with all sorts of additives that are higher in carbs, which actually makes it a very bad choice for keto dieters. So while “low-fat” options are intended to be perceived as “healthier” options in most cases, it is actually best to stay away from these products if you are on keto.

Regular sour cream, without any added carbohydrates, is both high in fat and low in carbs, which makes it a perfect ingredient to include in many keto recipes. There is no need to go searching for a specialty “keto sour cream.” Simply make sure you read the label of your normal store-bought sour cream to make sure it is not low-fat and does not contain any excessive carbohydrates.

Sour Cream Keto Recipes

Thankfully, in addition to being keto-friendly, sour cream also has a sharp flavor that pairs wonderfully with plenty of other popular keto foods. Sour cream can work great as a condiment, or as the base for various sauces and dips. And, while many popular items to pair with sour cream may be off-limits on keto, like burritos or potato skins, it is still possible to create keto-friendly alternatives using sour cream and other keto ingredients.

If you’re looking for some good keto-friendly snack recipes using sour cream—for your next party, or simply to indulge in for yourself—check out these simple, splendid favorites:

But if you’re looking for desserts instead of appetizers, there are a few handy keto recipes that use sour cream. Create delicious treats that you would have thought impossible on keto.

Fans of fair food will love to try making some Keto-Friendly Churros at home with a cream cheese dipping sauce.

Or, if you prefer a richer and more indulgent keto dessert option, there is nothing sweeter than this Keto Cheesecake in a Jar—for a perfect treat on-the-go that’s all yours. You read that right: a keto cheesecake! And, if keto churros and cheesecake are not enough for you—or if you’re looking for a more classic dessert option to share with friends—try a magnificent, easy to bake Lemon Keto Pound Cake.

In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to Sugarless Crystals for more helpful nutritional tips and great diet-friendly recipe ideas.

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