Are Keto Fat Bombs Good for Weight Loss Diets?

Keto fat bombs made of cookie butter

We’ve all been there: it’s late at night, or the end of the workday, and you get an intense sugar craving. With no one to dissuade you or provide a distraction, you tiptoe to the fridge and peer inside. You know you shouldn’t, but those cravings are SO hard to fight!

For many people implementing the Keto diet into their lifestyle, the loss of sugar is one of the most challenging parts of all the changes in diet. The sizable hole in our daily intake, where sugar takes up a significant amount of space, is suddenly gone when adapting to Keto and other zero-sugar diets. 

While some people don’t struggle with the removal of sugar, others avoid dietary restrictions altogether because they know they don’t have the willpower to cut sugar out entirely.

The good news is there’s a snack that caters to a few popular diets! This little treat will help satisfy your sugar cravings and is pretty healthy, too. 

Enter Keto fat bombs.

Fat bombs are a tasty way to combine low-carb and high-fat ingredients like butter, cream, and coconut oil, and rolled up into a bite-sized snack. 

You can make a big batch, refrigerate them, and enjoy them for the next few days or even the week. Fat bomb fanatics report that these divine morsels are a great way to satisfy your brain and your taste buds if you have a craving or to hold you over in between meals when you don’t want to eat anything too heavy. 

What are the dietary benefits of Keto fat bombs?

Historically, fats of any kind tend to get the cold shoulder by people trying to lose weight or change their eating habits for the better.

Modern research has shown that the right kind of fats can actually aid in weight loss. It’s all about finding the healthy ones that help you feel full and to enjoy them in moderation. 

The serving of fat can give you a boost of energy that you need during that mid-day slump (and even help you reduce your caffeine intake) or provide a great snack before or after a workout. 

Common ingredients used in Keto fat bombs include a fatty base like almond butter or coconut cream, almond or coconut flour, cacao powder, stevia, and berries, just to name a few.

The heavy base helps to solidify the fat bomb at room temperature or when cooled. We certainly don’t want a snack this tasty melting in our hands (especially if you can only eat one or two!), so using a heavy base is essential to keeping your fat bomb together. 

Not just a sweet treat

While many keto fat bomb recipes are sweet in nature (who can resist a bite-sized “healthy” bite of chocolate, after all?) don’t turn your nose up just yet, even if sweet snacks aren’t your thing! 

There are so many great fat bomb recipes online that are more savory in flavor and taste with various healthy, Keto-approved ingredients. Satisfy your salt craving with a fat bomb using ingredients like cheese, bacon, herbs, and some pepper to take the heat up a notch. 

Which Keto fat bomb is for you?

Like any other diet or lifestyle, it’s all about finding the foods that work for you, within reason. In other words, making modifications and adjustments is a part of life, and your diet will always be a work in progress, like the rest of you. 

Looking for a trusted keto fat bomb recipe to wow your coworkers, family, and friends? Check out our Cookie Butter Keto Fat Bomb here. You won’t be disappointed by the taste, texture, and low carb content. A match made in Keto heaven! 

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